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  • 2020-03-08 10:21
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A LetterTo Foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots in Yongzhou

Welcome to Yongzhou, a historical and cultural city in China. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared worldwide emergence of novel coronavirus pneumonia. In order to effectively prevent the import and spread of overseas outbreaks and ensure your life, safety and health, we propose the following measures:

Ⅰ Active declaration and registration

After you arrive in Yongzhou, you can follow a WeChat Public Account called "Yongzhou Release" with "Yongzhou COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Platform, on which online declaration and registration can be completed; or you may also declare, registrate, and fill out the "Health Registration Form” at the railway stations, bus stations, offices, host organizations, hotels, villages (communities) of your destination.

Ⅱ Strengthening Self-Protection

Minimize outings and visits to crowded places, do not participate in any party, maintain hygienic practices, wash your hands frequently, wear masks when you are out in the open, keep your residence clean, and properly keep windows open for ventilation.

Ⅲ Cooperate with Epidemic Prevention and Control Staffs

During the epidemic prevention and control period, we will provide you with the following services.

1 Take your temperature at bus station, train station and other public places;

2 If needed, we can offer door-to-door service such as arranging staff to help you purchase masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention supplies, understand epidemic prevention policy, and related knowledge;

3 Door-to-door body temperature taking;

4 Because of the need of epidemic prevention work, the staff may call you. If you are disturbed, please understand and cooperate.

Ⅳ Keep Updated on Outbreak Information

You can log on the websites like Hunan Provincial Health Commission, Yongzhou City People's Government, Yongzhou Health Commission and the "Yongzhou release" WeChat public account and other authoritative information publishing platform to obtain information on the official notification of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation and the guidelines for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, etc. If you have any questions or have any symptoms of illness, please call Yongzhou Foreign Affairs Office at 0746-8359956, and rest assured that you will receive enthusiastic help from us.

Yours Sincerely

COVID-19 Prevention and Control Office Yongzhou City Committee of the Communist Party of China

March 6th, 2020

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